• Mv Shark
  • Mv Shark
  • Mv Shark
Lenght Overall Wallmart
Width Washington
Height Engineering, Structure
Gross Tonnage 2009-2011
Passenger nr. Wallmart Architect Team
Tags Service & Maritime Transport
  • Mv Shark
  • Mv Shark
  • Mv Shark

Fleet details

Length Overall 24.50 m
Width 5.60 m
Height 2.50 m
Total installed power 2 x 649 hp
Tonnage calculations 23.92 T
Total installed power 2 x 649 hp
Passenger 34
Electrohydraulic steering 340 Kgm
Free deck surface 45 m²
Estimated top speed 23 knots
Electrical power available 2×25 KVA, 400V, three phase, 50Hz


  • No. 2 marine engines Baudwin type12M26SR 1000 x 2 Cv RINA
  • Engines complete with reversing gear type
    or Twin Disk MPM;
  • Complete installation of water and oil fi lters and related;
  • Plant exhaust hull bottom;
  • Axis line, box and propeller;
  • The engines will be installed in line or axis W drive;
  • Supply and installation of No. 4 tank levels with visual and attacks
    for about lt. 5000 – warehouse nafta;
  • Supply and install double hydraulic remote station;
  • Complete system with 2 steering stations.